To whom is useful?

The Tactee® system is composed of a set of magnetic coupling elements designed for those suffering from upper limb disorders and affected by a mono / bilateral functional hand grasp deficit. It can be used in case of the main pathologies of the central nervous system, such as tetraplegia and post-stroke hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy and also for
pathologies of the peripheral nervous system of traumatic or iatrogenic origin. Considering pathologies of orthopedic origin, however, we refer to Rheumatoid Arthritis and all those situations where amputations of several fingers have become necessary.

Does it need maintenance ?

All the elements that compose the Tactee®, system don’t have electronic neither “complex” parts, so their maintenance is extremely simple. Each tool can be washed by hand with hot water and neutral soap or in a dishwasher.
N.B. If the grip element is washed in the dishwasher, it is recommended to remove its cushion.

What safety distance should I keep from my devices ?

There are many objects that react to static magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets. Some devices are only temporarily affected, others may be permanently damaged.

Recommended safety distances:

Pacemakers: not recommended

Camera, cellphone, smartphone: no risk

Car key: no risk

USB key, memory cards: no risk

CD, DVD: No risk

Magnetic card (credit card, cash machine, bank card): 5 cm distance

Mechanical clock, anti-magnetic, under ISO 764 regulation: 10 cm distance

Mechanical anti-magnetic clock: 57 cm distance

Acoustic artefacts: 6 cm distance